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What people share (in confidence)

John D, CEO - eCommerce SME UK

The Well@Work workshop provided invaluable tools for our e-commerce business. The return on investment is clear in increased productivity and reduced turnover. It's a must for entrepreneurs seeking sustainable success.

Emily H, Entrepreneur and Networker

The Mindly Wellbeing workshop was a revelation, reinvigorating my passion for my business and improving my overall quality of life. The return on investment is substantial, in terms of business growth and family happiness. It's an invaluable use of time and money.

David S, Creative Agency Founder

The Mindly Accelerator workshop was a turning point for my team, boosting our creativity and work quality. The return on investment is reflected in the outstanding work we produce and the increased business we attract. It's an investment that keeps on giving.

Maria R - SME Advocate

The Mindly Well@Work workshop is a game-changer, providing practical tools for managing stress and enhancing wellbeing. The return on investment for small business owners is evident in increased productivity, reduced burnout, and improved work quality. It's a crucial resource that every entrepreneur should invest in.

Our Why

We want people to know that no one is alone and its safe to talk about their mind. 

‌Our goal is to make a conversation about mental health as easy as washing hands (simple yet effective during a pandemic). 

‌Free of taboo. Free of shame. And with CLEAR results.

‌Using a balance of traditional and modern techniques. Focused on founders and those who work around them. Includes their families.

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We share techniques on managing emotions and general anxiety at work. 

Why we focus on Generalised Anxiety?

General Anxiety is the most under-estimated situation where people resort to DIY solutions, and the problem keeps coming back in a worse form. This is where people say, 'I am alright' even when we are not. 

Majority of 'mental' issues start with emotions

And with our techniques of emotional management, we help you manage when the highest success of prevention is there. 

Protective Preventative Maintenance

And the hospitals are either busy or expensive, depending on where you live.

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Emotions -> Choices -> Happiness -> Revenue

Feeling safe and happy

Good mental health promotes overall well-being, enabling individuals to cope with life's challenges, maintain positive relationships, and make sound decisions. It connects directly with growth and can be measured monetarily. 

Well@Work - Virtual Live

Stress vs Anxiety? From detection, vocabulary to daily techniques - all with fun and within the hour! 

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Company Workshops

Half day and one day workshops on real-life techniques to manage stress, create support, and connect it to revenue.

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Mindly Accelerator

12 week self-paced course with lifetime access of all our best content, techniques, case studies and money back guarantee. 

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Regional Events (Hybrid)

We do in-person and livecast / recorded events around the world. ‌It includes business networking too. Join us for the next one. 

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Core journey

Emotions & mind

Detection, understanding, beyond just mindset

Managing conversations

Words, conversations, support and smiles

Connect with money, revenue, or something trackable

If you don't measure it, you don't grow. Progress empowers

Emotional Regulation

Practical ways to manage emotions everyday

Understand mental health at work

Why, how, when and what to do next 

Confidential talks

In a safe manner. Lifetime access to tools.

Repeatable, daily actions

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